It is important that College students not have to take on all that is coming at them alone – without an experienced mentor to call on for guidance and support while on campus.

Christian mentors for each of our Warrior Class students will be drawn from College Upperclassmen and “twenty something” graduates and/or seminary students who are or have experienced and thrived amidst the joys, perils and pitfalls of the college experience.

Working with both the parents and the student, if requested, the mentor will help walk the student through the college planning, selection and admissions process and help them in the early stages of their “launch” onto campus to make sure that a strong Christian community of support surrounds that student to help assure a successful and comfortable transition.

The Mentor’s support relationship stands strong as well once the student is on campus.  Regular follow-up is maintained through weekly Skype or in person “check-ins” and, as necessary in the meantime as issues/questions arise day by day.