Doing College God’s Way

“The Lord will march out like a champion, like a warrior he will stir up his zeal; with a shout he will raise the battle cry and will triumph over his enemies.”  – Isaiah 42:13

The Warrior Class is a movement to Help Raise Up, Strengthen and Support a New Generation of Christ-Centered College Students/Leaders commissioned to Impact Campuses Across this Nation for Christ. Without question many, if not all, secular colleges today have drifted into pronounced antipathy toward Christian values making them difficult environments for Christian students.

In Luke 6:35-36, however, Jesus sets the tone. In it He tells us to love as He did – even when we encounter difficulty.  In Ephesians 6:12-13 we are reminded that though we are on a war footing against powers and principalities, our battle is not against flesh and blood.

Our every motivation should be to bless all those He places in our lives. This is especially true in hostile environments such as today’s college campuses. In so doing we pave the way for the true love and joy of the Lord to roll in and change hearts and minds.

In the end we can be used by Him to change the atmosphere so that our college experience can be more fruitful on God’s terms – surrounded by His grace!

The Warrior Class Boot Camp Training Series

The Warrior Class Boot Camp Training Series offers students 15 instructive “Ted Talks” of 15-20 minutes each followed by Student-directed Q&A Sessions as well as optional Discussion Points designed for group or individual follow-up. This series is designed for self guided or group guided instruction. It will be especially useful to Home Schoolers and to High School Youth Groups. Each individual Session comes packaged ideally to provide thought - provoking substance and follow-up perfect to equip those students gearing up for the "Next Steps" required in their College matriculation process.

The Warrior Class - It's Not For Everyone

Instead of “lambs to the slaughter” you can be prepared not only to weather the storm but also, and more especially, to challenge the prevailing mood of the academic world. The Warrior Class Video Series and Resources are designed to prepare you for your new role to become "salt and light" on campus and to network with fellow Christians forming an expeditionary force to reclaim ground for the Lord.


Attending the warrior class before I left for school ended up being an important part of my transition to college.  That was such a crucial time, when I needed to choose to prioritize my faith without the leadership of my parents when I arrived at college.  Those first few weeks set a course for who my friends would be and how I sought out Christian community. It was helpful to have a baseline on which to build my understanding of the Bible, of theology and to let that inform my relationship with the Lord as I ventured out on my own.

- Tory